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Mind-blowing taste. Made from plants.

It all started with a craving for better taste.

Made from plants, and crafted by chefs who know and love meat, CRAVE HOUSE™ is the perfect indulgence — for all CRAVETARIANS.

Our sole purpose is to make a plant-based protein that is crave-worthy for all.

Our family of plant-based proteins keeps ingredients to a minimum, for maximum, mind-blowing flavor.

We believe our craft and approach to protein makes CRAVE HOUSE™ the flavorful foundation to any great dish.

Cargill’s commitment to protein options

These new Crave House products align with Cargill’s ongoing commitment to keeping all protein options on the table for customers and consumers in order to meet the projected 70% growth in global food demand over the next 30 years.

Your Success Is Our Success

Cargill’s mission is to provide customers a high-performing, high-quality, plant-based protein portfolio offering with Cargill’s R&D leadership, integrated and steady supply chain, food safety and one-stop protein purchasing convenience.

Giving People What They Want

Recent sensory testing shows that Crave House plant-based products have the taste, texture and appearance consumers desire – and they meet or outperform leading competitors. Cargill is committed to delivering the health, sustainability, simple labels, convenience and price consumers want, too.

Let’s Partner Together

Cargill has all the culinary expertise, consistency and support you need in a trusted partner. Learn more about what our plant-based Crave House™ portfolio can do for your house.

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