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Mind-blowing taste. Made from plants.
plant-based cheeseburger

Your Customer’s Cravings are Calling

Only Cargill offers the unbeatable combination of decades of protein expertise, plus a commitment to customer partnerships to satisfy both you and your guests. You can trust our new Crave House™ plant-based proteins to deliver mouth-watering flavor, texture and consistent performance.

Product Info

Plant-based Burgers & Plant-based Ground

Crave-worthy plant-based burgers and ground offer the taste, texture and deliciousness that guests expect. They’re high-quality protein perfect for signature burgers, pasta or tacos.

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Plant-based Ingredients & Plant-based Toppings

Delicious plant-based ingredients for broad menu inspiration across dayparts. Minimal ingredients, fully cooked and ready-to-eat in minutes.

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Plant-based Sausages & Plant-based Meatballs

Mind-blowing taste in many forms, from plant-based meatballs and sausage links to breakfast sausage patties. Chef-crafted with all the flavor, texture and appearance consumers crave.

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plant-based burgers at a summer picnic

Bite into Better

The Benefits of Crave House Plant-Based Protein


Flavors and Forms

The perfect canvas to apply your culinary approach — season, sauce, or sear to deliver your signature flavor. Consistently delicious performance and convenience.

Cooking Applications

Our plant-based products are not only quick and easy to prepare, they’re versatile enough to cook in an oven, skillet, cast iron pan, fryer or on a flat top or grill.

Packaging Solutions

We offer a variety of packaging solutions, including lid stock and smaller case sizes that can help you better navigate your specific BOH conditions.


Many of our items can be cooked directly from frozen to manage inventory and labor. Plus, we create all our products to have the taste, texture and performance of their meat counterparts.

commercial kitchen with workers
waitress serving a table of guest in a restaurant


Use Crave House as branded FOH or as your signature menu item to answer the growing consumer demand for alternative protein options. Our products offer the claims that will grab your guests’ attention.

  • Minimal ingredients, maximum flavor
  • 100% plant-based
  • Many items are gluten-free
  • No artificial flavors
  • All colors from fruit and vegetable juices

Get Inspired

  • Daypart Versatility

    From breakfast to brunch to a midnight snack, Crave House delivers the daypart versatility that keeps your customers coming back for more.

  • Segment Versatility

    Suitable for any foodservice segment, from quick casual to fine dining.

  • Menu Versatility

    Our delicious plant-based products are the perfect foundation to create many tantalizing new recipes for your menu.